Reservation App: GrabMe

3 min readApr 17, 2021


Thousands of apps provide restaurant booking systems but have you thought of booking a cafe, theater, hair salon, or even to a sports lessons just in one?

I found it kinda lazy to use several apps to manage all my schedule and came up with GrabMe. If you are an owner, you can make an available schedule for your customers for daily time base, and customers can book within available time that the owner provides.

🔴 See the brief detail of the GrabMe below:


I wanted to make the UI similar to clubhouse, so here’s what it looks like

  • Registration with SMS verification
Register & Login the user through phone number which needs SMS verification every time when the user login.CoolSMS: to send messages
atalk: to register the (business?) number
  • Main Page
Several categories that user can select, and press certain category to see the list of the nearest places from your location.CoreLocation: to track user's current location
  • Reservation Page and MyPage
Reservation Page: To view the detail of the place and reserve seat for yourself. 
MyPage: Show list of reservations
  • API request & Response
I tried to make it clean as possible using Generics for encode and decode json data. I still need to study more and make it improve, but i think i got better parsing json data better than before 👌🏻

I really enjoyed coding and working with one of my back-end developer friend. I haven’t finished making all the features that i was planning at the first stage. but I think i’ve learned a lot from this project and hopefully, I can refactor the code and make it much cleaner code soon! 🌸🌼🌺

Thank you for reading




Hey! I am currently studying iOS by myself, and wanna be a cool app developer 🕶 please correct me if i’m wrong or if there’s any thing that you wanna share😊✌️