Reservation App: GrabMe


I wanted to make the UI similar to clubhouse, so here’s what it looks like

Register & Login the user through phone number which needs SMS verification every time when the user login.CoolSMS: to send messages
atalk: to register the (business?) number
Several categories that user can select, and press certain category to see the list of the nearest places from your location.CoreLocation: to track user's current location
Reservation Page: To view the detail of the place and reserve seat for yourself. 
MyPage: Show list of reservations
I tried to make it clean as possible using Generics for encode and decode json data. I still need to study more and make it improve, but i think i got better parsing json data better than before 👌🏻



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Hey! I am currently studying iOS by myself, and wanna be a cool app developer 🕶 please correct me if i’m wrong or if there’s any thing that you wanna share😊✌️