Opening iOS app on M1

Did you know that you can download and run iOS apps on mac M1? 😱😱😱

This is the app that i made a few months ago and i was really surprised to know that i can download and run iOS apps on my M1 pro! This is a super amazing feature! That’s why lots of people already installed “among us” on there macbook and how come i didn’t know about it 😂😂

Apple says: “A mac with the Apple M1 chip can run many of your favorite iphone and ipad apps, and you can download them right from the Mac app store but some may not be available” — apple

You’ll see “Designed for iPhone. Not verified for macOS” because “EverydayTodo” is not designed for macOS. Isn’t it so awesome? Let’s download and run the app! 😁✌🏻

Okay. It looks great and I’m really happy to see my app running on my macbook, however, i found 2 errors on my “EverydayTodo” app and maybe more.

  1. DatePicker is not working, i don’t know how to select the date and the time
  2. Long press is not working, (I used context menu maybe that’s why) but i can use right click instead of long pressing each item.
running iOS app on M1

overall, I’m happy but you might have some difficulties especially when playing games when the app is designed for iphone or ipad only. In my opinion, if you really really need to download the certain app and wanna see how it works, then go and run the app, but else, i would not recommend downloading the app if it’s not perfectly designed for mac OS because you might facing some problems and that will give you some stress to your life 😂😂.

If you are interested to know more about app, “EverydayTodo” 👇🏻

To download the app, 👇🏻

Hey! I am currently studying iOS by myself, and wanna be a cool app developer 🕶 please correct me if i’m wrong or if there’s any thing that you wanna share😊✌️