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  • Leandro Pérez

    Leandro Pérez

    Software Engineer, coding since 2001. I have done plenty of work in iOS with Objective-C and Swift.

  • Angela Yu

    Angela Yu

    Medical Doctor. iOS developer. Founder of the London App Brewery. I’m not a female coder, I’m a coder who happens to be female.

  • Jesus Manuel Diestra Matallana

    Jesus Manuel Diestra Matallana

    iOS Developer — Tech Lead Mobile Development

  • Manasa M P

    Manasa M P

    iOS Developer in walmart

  • Seulgi Han

    Seulgi Han

    Korean-Sri Lankan. Lab technician by day, writer by night

  • Khoa Pham

    Khoa Pham

    Check out my apps

  • Jayven N

    Jayven N

    iOS on Wednesday | Apple Scholar

  • devming


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